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The very picture of the world.

Image World

Every moment, the world around us composes an overall picture. Unembellished, unposed, imperfect. This authenticity precisely characterises the brand's imagery. It captures everything that is true and real.

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The image style of Österreich Werbung's brand avoids commercial, sometimes exaggerated images and always strives for closeness. Closeness to the moment, to people, to the country. Situations are staged by life itself instead of being construed by hand.

Real moments


The images are authentic, intimate and convincing, and do not allow for any artificiality. You have a picture in your mind: a very open, friendly person whom you enjoy talking to because you instantly sense that you are facing a fine character.

Fascinating combinations

Image detail

Images do not follow any patterns. Top priority is given to the feeling of the moment. Whether up close, at a distance, or from a completely different perspective always depends on the situation.

Natural colours


Life is full of contrasts, so there is no need to add them artificially. You should also try not to fuss with the light but rather work with what the sky has to offer. The only thing you don't have to wait for is a flash – when it’s really needed.

Austria has got character.


The country is at its most beautiful in real life, displaying a strong character without being conventional or perfect. All ages, roots and bodies are included.

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