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Social Media

The design for social media is very much the same as in real life. Most of the design guidelines for offline apply also online.

Profile picture/Logo Copy link to this element

This is one of the few cases in which the flag is isolated from the logo and used independently. The safe space also deviates from the rules – due to the exceptionally small format – and is defined separately for this special case.

Colour World Copy link to this element

The colour scheme is also taken from analogue life – or rather from its design system. However, the primary colours are limited to white and red. Black is not used in social media. However, the full range of secondary colours may be used.

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Pantone: White
C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 0
R: 255 G: 255 B: 255
HEX: #ffffff

  • Background
  • Headlines
  • Sublines
  • Copy texts (Social Media)

Pantone: 485C
C: 0 M: 100 Y: 100 K: 0
R: 220 G: 0 B: 0
HEX: #dc0000

  • Logo-flag
  • Vibe
  • Headlines
  • Sublines
  • CTA-Buttons (Banner)

Pantone: Black
C: 40 M: 40 Y: 40 K: 100
R: 0 G: 0 B: 0
HEX: #000000

black is not used for social media

  • Subheading
  • Copy texts (Editorial)
  • URL
  • Maps
  • Info graphics
  • Editorial illustrations
  • colored text boxes for social media (colour versions 4 and 5 only)
  • GIFs (Social Media)

The colours are not used in standard ads.

Fonts Copy link to this element

The same font families are used online and offline. In Latin languages, Alaska again ranks higher in the hierarchy, supported by Nunito. In other languages, the font hierarchy is different.

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  • Headline



  • Subline
  • Headline in text box (Social Media)
  • Headline without text box (Social Media)
  • Copy text (Social Media)



  • Picture credits

Vibe Copy link to this element

The vibe is used also in the social media. When, where and how exactly has already been specified.

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Illustrations Copy link to this element

Illustrations may be used to support inserts or visual content. However, they should be applied moderately so as not to overload the eye and attention of the reader.

Partner Integration Copy link to this element

For the integration of partners on social advertising media, different guidelines have been set in order to ensure a harmonious overall picture.

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