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The logo is the connecting element and conveys the brand at every point of contact: Modern, self-confident and with a hint of sophistication, it directly transports what the brand stands for.
The name "Austria" is creatively complemented by the direct integration of the flag. The Austrian flag is hoisted in every language adaptation, giving it a visually unique selling point.

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In its design, the word mark stands for an entire country: calm and powerful, it naturally radiates professionalism, but also winks charmingly at its viewers thanks to the smart design detail.

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With its representative role, the flag combines essential values: the straightforward design symbolises clarity, while the suggested motion conveys liveliness.
The flag should only be separated from the word mark and used individually if circumstances require it, for example as a profile picture on social media.

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Every logo needs its space. Its white space, to be precise. The precisely defined safe space gives the logo the freedom it needs to be effective.

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Of course, there are also clearly defined guidelines for use.

Lebensgefühl Österreich Copy link to this element

For certain applications, such as partner integration, a logo variation with Lebensgefühl as headline can be used.
The application areas are explained in more detail in the "Partner integration" chapter.

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