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Reduction is the key to fascination.


The simple things in life: Illustrations become even clearer and more expressive through striking reduction. Icons condense information or topics into the tiniest of spaces, into a few simple lines. Illustrations, on the other hand, visualize the brand more charmingly and sensitively.

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When no words are needed, icons will take over. Particularly in small applications, they clearly indicate what the message is about. A set of icons which has been customised to the brand style can be accessed at any time.

A comprehensive icon collection, customized to the brand is available. Icons are always linear. They can be used without background, as well as negative in a rectangle.

  • The graphic design only uses primary colours.
  • Icons are only composed of outlines and may not be coloured.
  • The outlines are always continuous and must not be interrupted.
  • Icons are always linear and may be positioned with or without a background – if required, they may also be placed in a rectangle.

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Geometric, harmonious and with a love of detail, the unique illustration style opens up new worlds and moods. Supporting the imagery, this design level adds another charismatic dimension and more life to the brand world.

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Just a few clicks to the right dash of colour – this link leads to the Adobe colour palette of the Austrian National Tourist Office in all its shades.

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