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On the move.


The rules already laid down in the design system apply also in motion branding.

Animations Copy link to this element

Where there is action, there is attention. In addition to the images, the vibe is also set in motion here.

Intro Copy link to this element

Intro V1 – 16:9

Intro Editorial Content – 16:9

Intro V1 – 9:16

Intro V2 – 9:16

Intro – 1:1

Outro Copy link to this element

Outro V1 – 16:9

Outro V2 – 16:9

Outro – 1:1

Outro 9:16

Inserts Copy link to this element

Inserts may be used to strengthen expressive images even more. Predefined safe spaces, as well as the mentioned column grid, facilitate the positioning in the image – of course always with consideration to what is happening in the background.

Inserts – 16:9

Inserts V1 – 16:9

Inserts V2 – 16:9

Inserts V3 – 16:9

Inserts V1 – 9:16

Inserts V2 – 9:16

Inserts – 1:1

Lower Thirds Copy link to this element

Lower thirds are inserted to introduce the people shown. Templates for different text lengths as well as two colour options will help to use them correctly.

Lower Third – 16:9

Lower Third Inverted – 16:9

Lower Third – 1:1

Lower Third Inverted – 1:1

Lower Third – 9:16

Lower Third Inverted – 9:16

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