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Show your true colours.

Colour Scheme

A brand expresses its character on many levels. One of them is the colour scheme that is created around it. Which colours evoke the right feelings? How intensely are they used? In which combinations?

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The defined colour scheme is categorised into two palettes: Primary colours and secondary colours. Each of them fulfils specific purposes, and sometimes they also complement each other in order to capture the eye and guide it.

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As their name suggests, primary colours are the first to be used for the design. Often used in combination with photos, they are not intended to distract, but to convey peace and self-confident strength. Secondary colours are used exclusively as supporters that follow their own rules in the design.

Pantone: White
C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 0
R: 255 G: 255 B: 255
HEX: #ffffff

  • Background

  • Headlines

  • Sublines

  • Flow texts (social media)

Pantone: 485C
C: 0 M: 100 Y: 100 K: 0
R: 220 G: 0 B: 0
HEX: #dc0000

  • Logo flag
  • Vibe
  • Headlines
  • Sublines
  • CTA-Buttons (banner)

Pantone: Black
C: 40 M: 40 Y: 40 K: 100
R: 0 G: 0 B: 0
HEX: #000000

  • Interim headlines
  • Body texts (Editorial)
  • URL

Secondary Colours Copy link to this element

Secondary colours are kept in a pastel palette to clearly set them apart from the saturated primary colours. When used together, the primary colours thus automatically move into the foreground and stand out visibly.
The available colours are labelled with keywords that underline their message. These references serve as inspiration, but can also be interpreted individually by the user.
The secondary colours are effective in infographics, editorial illustrations, maps, GIFs and other applications.


Where moss is growing, nature is thriving. Sustainability is not just a hope but a truth.

Pantone 2246C
13/0/13/0 31/0/30/0 45/0/43/0     55/10/53/15 65/20/63/35
235/243/233 189/222/195 155/206/168 116/163/127 76/119/89
ebf3e9 bddec3 9bcea8 74a37f 4c7759


Yeast dumplings filled with Powidl are a cultural asset, some even claim they are art. And this is certainly true when you watch people of all ages bite into them with delight. Whether topped with butter or custard is a matter of individual creativity.

Pantone 2099C
9/12/0/0 21/29/0/0 30/41/0/0 40/52/0/15 55/65/0/38
235/230/243 207/190/222 188/161/205 150/121/169 101/75/123
ebe6f3 cfbede bca1cd 9679a9 654b7b


Standing by the Danube, watching its constant movement, you feel peace and relaxation as your thoughts clear and you find your balance.

Pantone 3577C
15/2/3/2 35/4/7/4 50/5/10/5 60/10/10/15 80/35/30/15
221/236/243 173/212/228 130/193/215 93/164/194 40/120/143
ddecf3 add4e4 82c1d7 5da4c2 28788f


When the poppies sway sensually in the morning light, your thoughts drift away: Pure pleasure. And you remember the poppy seed topping that lusciously covers a yeast dumpling.

Pantone 2438C
0/13/15/0 0/35/40/0 0/50/57/0 10/66/67/10 20/70/77/35
247/234/222 248/186/153 243/152/111 206/105/77 151/77/48
f7eade f8ba99 f3986f ce694d 974d30


The dandelion shines with an unexpected brightness. The sun gives it a powerful radiance of joy and energy.

Pantone 1205C
0/4/22/0 1/7/44/0 0/11/62/0 0/11/62/30 0/11/62/60
255/244/212 255/234/166 255/255/121 197/174/96 133/119/65
fff4d4 ffeaa6 ffe179 c5ae60 857741


When you walk into the forest to look for mushrooms, the searching and finding sometimes brings you back to yourself. When you leave the forest you usually feel more centred: More grounded and sometimes with a longing to spend more time together.

Pantone 4254C
8/12/14/0 20/30/38/0 30/46/58/0 30/46/58/30 30/46/58/55
237/226/218 213/183/160 190/146/113 149/115/89 110/86/66
ede2da d5b7a0 be9271 957359 6e5642


Walking barefoot over the granite stones in the garden in summer and enjoying the peace and quiet. The warm stones ground you and lend you a neutral and objective perception.

Pantone Cool Gray 7
5/3/4/10 6/4/6/25 11/9/9/45 25/20/20/60 25/20/20/77
227/229/228 198/198/196 153/153/153 107/107/107 74/74/74
e3e5e4 c6c6c4 999999 6b6b6b 4a4a4a
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