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Every game
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The rules
of freedom


This graphic system specifies basic rules without being too restrictive. It is an invisible guide aimed at guaranteeing visual consistency – regardless of channel and medium. With the „flagpole“ design system, everything from the smallest digital banner to a multipage editorial text can be designed. The basic rules of the system apply to any communication of the „Holidays in Austria“ brand. 

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The fundamental principle of the system is an invisible „flagpole“ on which all design elements are aligned. The individual elements (not always all of them and depending on the content), such as logo, headline, URL, and hashtag, can „flutter“ both left- and right-aligned. Moreover, the elements may be moved up or down the flagpole as desired, and arranged freely. The pole can be shifted from right to left in the picture, regardless of whether it is portrait or landscape format. 

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The flagpole principle was developed to be used to design any content. The basic rules are simple and apply to all channels: 

Principal One

The designer decides
how many elements
(depending on conception and channel)
are to be aligned on the flagpole. 

Principal Two

Elements aligned on the flagpole
can include sender, claim, URL, #,
pictures, headlines, and running text.
(Pictures can also be centred on the flagpole.) 

Principal Three

Sender, claim, URL, and #
ALWAYS have the same weight,
size, and font (Korpus C)
with regard to each other,
while headlines, running text,
and pictures can vary from them. 

Principal Four

The flagpole principle
functions both in images
and as a purely
“typographical solution”. 

All purely typographical solutions can be set in three colour variants: black, white, or parts of the headline in red. 

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The flagpole principle allows for the creation of everything from editorial-like designs to very bold presentations. Sender (logo with or without claim) and information (URL, hashtag) serve as the frame and are of equal size. Attention must always be paid to the legibility of these elements. The size of headlines, sublines, and running text can be selected according to the medium and channel. The margins below the elements can be freely selected but should never be less than the white-space guidelines for the logo. 

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Whether online or offline, whether it’s an editorial or a classic advertisement: the flagpole system and the correct use of fonts are essential for the brand presentation. The designer decides based on the conception if the type should be bolder or more reduced. 

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