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More than ever before, in the tourism sector it is strong brands that determine the success of destinations. And with good reason: they fulfil the need for credible strengths, lived values, trustworthiness, and orientation – a need that, especially in view of the wide variety of offerings today, is steadily growing. But what is it that most binds people to a strong brand? The answer: trust and quality. The “Holidays in Austria” brand makes Austria’s highlights shine and offers the prospect of an unparalleled effect: holidays enable one to restore a resonance with the world and (re)discover oneself in a lasting way. For “Holidays in Austria” meet all the most important requirements to enable visitors to again enjoy the intense experience of liveliness, far removed from day-to-day life. 

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The narrative and portrayal of the “Holidays in Austria” brand recognise the challenges in society. They communicate the courage and willingness to make a credible contribution to meeting these challenges. At the same time, they answer the question, “Why spend my holidays in Austria?” The narrative thus stands not only for a motivating legacy of the future; it also offers valuable guidance and provides a sense of purpose. 

Austria is the perfect place to celebrate the lightness and the liveliness that we long for so much. We are increasingly digitally connected, but less and less connected to people and nature. As a result, some of us become also alienated from themselves. That is why we strive for our own balance. In search of meaning, encounters and liveliness, we become travellers. It is this balance between diligence and lightness. It is the cultural heritage that is still felt today and has multicultural roots. And it's the wonderful landscapes that invite you to explore the new. In this kind of environment, one can live life as it should be — and sense the longed-for liveliness. Austria and its people make it possible.

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Austria is a place of great diversity. Lifestyle and the love of life, culture and culinary pleasures, nature and naturalness create a place that makes holidays a very special and personal experience, one that is just as colourful and at the same time just as authentic as one is oneself. Whether they are in search of meaning, of genuine encounters and experiences, or of exploring themselves and their very individual perception, guests in Austria are given what is certainly one of the strongest feeling that people yearn for: liveliness. In the new brand promise, this special effect of holidays in Austria is expressed in an invitation whose simplicity makes it all the more exciting: Austria. Feel the spark

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The way in which we communicate is subject to constant change. For businesses, for example, the classically conceived advertising campaign has long ceased to be the measure of all things. Brands exist in volatile environments and must therefore be flexible not only with regard to their content but also to their appearance – and must do this without relinquishing their character. In order for brands such as “Holidays in Austria” to keep its offerings attractive in interaction with social media and user-generated content, an increasingly journalistic approach is required. Content is no longer king; content is now created by the people. Brand communication has been democratised; it is driven by the consumer as well, and the orchestrated advertising campaign is merely one part of the brand perception. 


It is in accordance with this entirely new approach that the components described in these guidelines have been conceived. Whether logo, design, font, colours and pictures, or claim: all elements serve to prepare content – regardless if it is in a promotional or editorial context. The design and typography system of the “Holidays in Austria” brand is a playground where everything is allowed and no “players” can harm themselves (or the brand). It is a clearly defined, consistently adhered-to framework in which all forms of communication have as much freedom as possible. This allows for journalistic content produced with the smallest possible design effort, and at the same time spectacular promotional presentations that are still important for the purpose of, for example, generating great emotions. 

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