DIN A4 Landscape

Template format: 297 x 210 mm

1 / Type area

Hashtag, copy and logo must be placed within the type area.

2 / Baseline grid

Defined at a line spacing of 10 pt. Facilitates text design.

3 / Hashtag and begin of body copy

Always left-aligned with one another.
The space between the beginning of the body copy and the hashtag is 4 line spacings from baseline to baseline.

4 / The minimum leading

The minimum leading between two lines or words of the body copy is 1 line spacing.
You may design the body copy freely as fits the meaning of the text.

5 / The last part

The last part of the body copy is always left-aligned with the text part of the ANTO logo.

6 / The space between logo and baseline

The space between the logo and the baseline of the last body copy part is 4 or 5 line spacings in landscape format.