Headline Guidelines

1 / The Hashtag, Headline and Austria logo

should always be seen as one element and must not be separated.
The precise positions and sizes have been predefined for the various formats.

2 / The Logo

is always right-aligned with the longest ragged margin of the left-aligned headline.

3 / DON’T

The logo must not be right-aligned if the headline runs shorter than the width of the logo

4 / Exeption

In this case the logo is left-aligned with the headline.

5 / For landscape and small formats

there is an additional variant in which the logo is placed next to the headline. Again, the hashtag, the headline and the ANTO logo are one element.

6 / Headline block

Place the headline block on an uncluttered background.


Hashtag, headline and logo require a calm background. This is why it is absolutely necessary to unclutter the picture in the area where the headline block is positioned.

If this is not enough, you may resort to special effects: e.g. an outer glow or a soft drop shadow in order to create a soft glow effect.

This drop shadow must never distort the image but only enhance the readability of the headline block.