Logo Use

A minimum spacing of X must always be observed when placing the logo, in order to give it enough space and to ensure an elegant, modern visual appearance. X corresponds to the height of the letter Ö.

This size is the absolute minimum. The more free space is allowed for the logo, the better.

The minimum size of the logo is 6.5 mm in height (the width varies on account of different language variants). This guarantees best possible readability and visual impact. If there is less space available, use one of the other logo variants.

Minimum size = 6.5 mm


The B2C logo is primarily used on campaign visuals, i.e. on photos. It is important for the area where the logo is to be positioned to feature a quiet background, to ensure sufficient contrast and optimum readability. Ideally, use the white negative logo variant.


Do not use the logo as shown here. Busy backgrounds and lack of contrast between the logo colour and the background impair readability. Always place the logo on uncluttered areas of the photo.