Logo Use

A minimum distance to the page edge and other text or symbols must always be ensured when placing the logo, in order to give it enough space and to ensure an elegant, modern visual appearance. The more free space is allowed for the logo, the better.

The minimum size of the logo is 4 mm in height. The width varies on account of different language variants.

This guarantees best possible readability and visual impact.

Minimum size 4 mm

Logo Anwendung

Ideally, the logo should always be used in colour. The logo variants provided in greyscale and black/white may be used only in exceptional cases and due to technical non-feasibility.


Colour Greyscale Black / white
Logo Dont


Do not change the logo in any way or place it in a position other than the ones expressly provided for in the CD Manual. Avoid changes in colour or placing the logo at an angle under any circumstances.