Encapsulated PostScript, a high-resolution file format used primarily for vector graphics


File format for pixel graphics, does support transparency; loss of quality through compression


File format for pixel graphics, supports transparency; loss of quality through compression


Preferred high-resolution file formats for pixel graphics, support transparency


Two print colours


Four print colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key (CMYK)


The ad format corresponds to the full page size; the printing goes beyond the edge of the sheet before trimming


Slogan (used alongside the logo) “arrive and revive”


Print colours: subtractive colour space consisting of the three colour components Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black as key plate

Colour profile

Standardised colour space of a colour input or output device, e.g. monitor, printer, scanner etc. (also ICC profile)

Colour saturation

Quality of colour effect; saturation determines whether a colour hue is perceived as vivid and strong, or dull and weak

Copy text

Continuous text, informal text

DIN format

Standard paper sizes; the ratio between width and height is always ?2

Free-form select

An object is cut out along its contour lines and shown stand-alone against a transparent background


Computer program for creating illustrations/logos, vector-based


Computer program for producing layouts; brings pictures, logos, illustrations and text together


Combined word/figurative mark


Computer program for image processing, pixel-based

Pixel graphics

Graphics format based on pixels (dot, smallest picture element); incurs loss of quality on scaling


Screen colours: additive colour space consisting of the three primary colours Red, Green and Blue

Sheet format

Poster format where one sheet corresponds to paper size DIN A1


Space between letters

Spot colour/Pantone

Special monochrome colour for printing


File formats that support transparency, allow motifs to be stored without a background

Type (area)

The ad format is smaller than the page format; a margin is left blank

Vector graphics

Graphics format based on polygons; scales without loss of quality

Web colour

RGB colour triplets used for webpage design (etc.)