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Our Design System

Brands exist in volatile environments and must therefore be flexible not only with regard to their content but also to their appearance – and must do this without relinquishing their character. In order to make this systemic communication possible, a solid communication system is required. 
First, this is aimed at better understanding the brand’s claim, at supporting it as well as possible, and at inspiring people with it as freely as possible. But these guidelines also draw clear boundaries. And that is good. Even Klimt was able to paint only to the edge of the canvas, and even Schubert had to make do with the 88 keys on his piano. But did it hamper their creativity? 

Design System

Vibrance is colorful

Our logo
and how
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Our image scheme

The visual language of the “Holidays in Austria” brand is authentic and documentary in nature. The perspectives are not so much observational; rather, they are at the very centre of the action. Snapshot-like pictures full of atmosphere in genuine colours are aimed at inspiring the viewer.

Image Scheme

The brand “Austrian National Tourist Office”

Everything about the b2b branding “Austrian National Tourist Office”

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